MMARAP was founded in 2012 by Jonathan Buffong, a published author, mixed martial arts athlete and enthusiast.  MMARAP is committed to supporting, training and mentoring young people and using Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) as a tool to develop essential life skills such as confidence, focus, discipline and respect.


MMARAP provides programmes to teach boxing, karate and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) to young people between the ages of 15 and 25 in London.  The organisation is unique as it delivers its programmes to disabled and non-disabled individuals (and groups), providing high quality training and mentoring to assist with their development and empowerment.


The overall purpose and aim of MMARAP is to provide young people with strong foundations and skills while at the same time instilling in them the belief that they can pursue and achieve their life goals and ambitions.  


Karate Student stretching

MMARAP student

MMARAP student

Student sparring with Boxing Trainer



Mixed Martial Arts is one of  the fastest growing
and most popular sports in the United Kingdom


MMA is one of the fastest growing and most popular sports in the United Kingdom. It is a sport that combines the disciplines of boxing, karate, wrestling, judo, kick-boxing, Brazilian Jui-Jitsu (BJJ).  Top athletes also incorporate elements of yoga to their practice too, which has given them a greater and positive view of themselves.

The sport has had huge coverage via Sky Sports, Bravo, and other national and international networks, and is also materialising through many radio stations, newspapers and magazines hence interest amongst the younger generation is growing.



Our Mission


  • MMARAP’s vision is to be Britain's Champion academy for bettering the lives of individuals
    in the community by integrating sports and education for disabled and non-disabled people.

The vision is underpinned by the following pledges:-

  • Mobilise disabled and non-disabled people to become leaders and have control – in their own lives and society

  •  Provide advice to achieve independent living

  • Break the association between disability and inactivity

  • Put disability, equality and human rights into practice across society


Our society will provide you with discipline for all aspects of your life and will guide you to the next level of the sport.

We will reform the lives of ex-offenders, those not in education, employment or training (NEETs) and guide you down the right path.

MMARAP will insist on the progression of the disabled who feel ostracised to lead with confidence and feel very much part of society.  


Based in Islington, North London, the company is open to all inner city young people male and female, who meet our criteria.

Our mission is to use Mixed Martial Arts as a way of mobilising the community and engaging
young people in London and helping them to develop their self esteem, well-being and confidence.

We also provide a drop in advice service for those who may not quite be ready for the full programme, but would like advice in certain aspects of the programme we offer.

Those with specific disabilities that have not been outlined on our website, please do not hesitate to contact us.