MMARAP Programme

MMARAP is a community interest company limited by guarantee committed to supporting, training and mentoring young people and using Mixed Martial Arts as a tool to make a positive contribution to developing essential life skills including; health and nutrition, careers and education and financial responsibility.

MMARAP also intends setting up alliances and partnerships with other organisations to provide for example, counselling and assistance with housing issues.

The programme is open to male and female candidates alike. The criteria for eligibility are:

Aged between 15 – 25 years old, live in the Greater London area, be a British citizen or have been naturalised, not currently employed, not in education or not in any other form of training can commit to the full 12 weeks of the programme from start to finish.

The programme is open to young offenders and young people with disabilities and runs for 12 weeks, culminating in a "graduation" event in the 12th week.

Once accepted, each young person will be allocated a mentor, will go through a health check and overall assessment of needs.

MMA is a great sport that helps build camaraderie, encourage team building, and can be used as an outlet for anger, aggression, and stress, all elements we believe are a welcome and useful way to convince young people not to become involved in knife, gun crime and other violence in our communities in London.


Please email us if you have any questions about MMARAP.