See what people are saying about MMARAP.

“MMARAP ran sessions with year 6 pupils at the Islington Year 6 Summer Sports Festival held at City Sport in May 2019. The sessions were ran professionally and were fun and engaging. All of the children enjoyed the mixed martial arts and left the sessions with a smile on their face and a spring in their step! Their teachers were impressed by the sessions and at how actively engaged and happy their pupils were. All in all, the sessions were a great success!”

— — Denise Lake, Health Improvement Officer
“Caxton’s partnership with MMARAP has made a tremendous difference to our youth work with disabled young people. They really look forward to the sessions and engage better in all projects as a result. I wish we’d come across MMARAP sooner!”
— Rachel Akehurst, Chief Executive Officer. Caxton Youth Org
Fantastic MMARAP taster session for children with additional needs: Jonathan engaged and involved all of the children and young people who sampled his sessions. He tailored his approach to the needs of his participants perfectly, including taking their physical disabilities, learning disabilities and behavioural difficulties into account and involving parents and carers. His activities were motivating and fun whilst teaching functional self-defence skills for children of all abilities. Thank you Jonathan!
— Kirsty Jones HIT squad – part of Short Breaks. Hackney Ark
We have just formed a new working relationship with MMARAP and have just finished our first block of sessions. Both my jobs roles involve working with females to empower them to be confident and strong individuals, and with the current struggles we are facing in our community such as hate crime and violence towards females because they are weaker targets I have been working with MMARAP to help our women defend themselves and be confident and not have to live in fear of being attacked and not being able to respond.

The Instructors at MMARAP are dedicated towards the same goal as us here at BADR and we have noticed a massive change amongst the women who have participated in the classes so far.

We are very pleased to work with MMARAP and this is the beginning of something amazing because the self defence that MMARAP teach is very much relevant and can be used practically in a real life setting if someone was to be attacked.

We always get amazing feedback after sessions and we would like to thank Jonathan and his team for their excellent service.
— Zahra Qadir, Social Media Officer. Active Change Foundation
On 23 July 2016 I organised an event called Go Islington in Highbury Fields that offered over 20 sports for people to try. MMARAP fully participated in the event, offering their services free of charge throughout the day. Every time I went to speak to Jonathan he was so fully engaged in delivering mixed martial arts to young people that I dared not to disturb him. This shows Jonathan’s commitment to what he does, and the appeal of MMARAP.
— John Thorne, Islington Council Leisure Team

Testimonial feature from AGGY 

I started Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) due that I was under weight, which lead me to become anorexic and by coping with this, lead me to self-harm. After becoming a regular of BJJ, I had notice that my weight was gaining and I became much healthier and fitter. I have a disability known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PSTD) – I have a trauma syndrome from being raped. BJJ has helped me progress further in my life.
I started BJJ because I felt it was urgent and determined to know that if I was ever to be in that situation again, I will know how to defend or restrain the culprit, when being placed with my back to the floor. Having the knowledge and the skills taught from BJJ, has made me feel more comfortable of being on my back, which will enable me to explore ways to escape, delay or even prevent anything more terrifying from the ordeal
My instructor says that it’s about making the uncomfortable comfortable. I try and remember that when I realize that if it was happening again. Over a length of time training in BJJ, I feel more confident about myself and more importantly being attacked. Learning this martial art has helped me to regain peoples trust and I feel more self assured when/if being approached by a man, which has been embedded from rolling on the mats at training.
I honestly believe that the work of MMARAP for the young people is truly rewarding for any disabled person and having viewing there work and testimonials, I know they will make an impact on many people’s lives. Keep up the great work, MMARAP
— Aggy – BJJ lover
MMARAP and their coaches came to The Bridge School and put on a fantastic session. Many of our students had never participated in any sort of Mixed Martial Arts before. The coaches were brilliant; their energy motivated our students and the engaged with them perfectly, catering for their learning difficulties. I would like to thank Jonathan and his team for a wonderful session and would recommend MMARAP to other schools and activity groups.
— Abid Samee, PE Teacher. The Bridge School, London
MMARAP and their coaches came to Central Foundation Boys’ School and provided fantastic sessions of Kyokushin karate and No Gi-Jiu Jitsu . Many of our students had never participated in any sort of Mixed Martial Arts before. The coaches were brilliant; their energy motivated our students and they engaged with them perfectly. Not only did it promote health and wellbeing but touched on self-defence, discipline and control. The young people enjoyed themselves in addition to learning new skills.

I would like to thank Jonathan and his team for providing a wonderful 12-week programme and would recommend MMARAP to other schools and activity groups.
— Trish Dooley, Extended Schools Coordinator, Central Foundation Boys' School
The guys from MMARAP led a taster session in martial arts during our Monday 10 – 13s mixed session with enthusiasm and energy. The coaches were able to engage young people in warm ups, basic moves and games to great effect. We were amazed by the variety of young people who got involved with the activity, some of whom we often struggle to get involved in conventional sports. These young people who wouldn’t call themselves “sporty” absolutely loved it. The team were very professional and understanding of young peoples individual needs, making all feel welcome and making the session accessible to our disabled users. Not only did the taster promote health and wellbeing it touched on self defence and control, there really was a lot of learning happening whilst young people enjoyed themselves.
— Matt Perkins, Youth Work Manager (Clubs Development). The Salmon Youth Centre in Bermondsey
Disability Sports Coach were lucky enough to have MMARAP delivering at our Summer Club Festival last month. Over 100 disabled participants took part in Martial Arts during the morning. The animated nature and laughter coming from the mats in itself demonstrated the participants were having a lot of fun. Due to the sport’s popularity there was often a queue of people wanting to give this unique form of martial arts a try, known as No Gi Jiu Jitsu. MMARAP delivered with personality and the utmost professionalism and DSC look forward to working more closely with MMARAP moving forward.
— Emma Cranston, Club Development Officer. Disability Sports Coach
MMARAP has provided me with better focus so that I can prepare for my exams
— School student
The MMARAP class has help me with my confidence and my social life. I feel that I also have a better relationship with my family
— Community centre participant
The Self-defence session you did with HF Mencap was really useful, we were looking at ‘Staying safe in the community’ so it tied in nicely. The members enjoyed being active and learning how to protect themselves if necessary. One of the participants said she “liked it when they showed us the self-defence moves”.

The facilitators were very engaging and worked well with our members who all have learning disabilities.

Thank you.
— Marie Tolhurst, Safety Net Youth Project Coordinator (19-25's). HF Mencap